Goals and Objectives

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Department Mission

To serve as the backbone of state government by providing leading edge services to our customers and business partners.

Goals and Objectives -- 2019 Biennium

Goal: Advance the department's mission, vision, and values by providing excellent, timely, and cost-effective customer service.


  • Challenge the status quo by embracing and initiating beneficial changes that result in continuous improvement in service delivery and customer satisfaction.
  • Improve communication and collaboration with customers and among department divisions to build and support relationships.
  • Provide transparency and information security in program operations.
  • Promote a culture of openness, trust, diversity, and equality.
  • Support equal access to employment, programs, services, and activities to qualified individuals with disabilities.

Goal: Create and maintain a highly qualified, professional, diverse, and responsive workforce that accurately reflects Montana's labor force and supports the department's mission, vision, and values.


  • Promote equal pay in the department and throughout state government leading by example through internal pay audits, strategy development addressing pay inequity, and participation on the Governor's Equal Pay Task Force.
  • Provide employees with a work environment where teamwork is paramount, ideas are rewarded, creativity and risk-taking are encouraged, and successes are celebrated.
  • Encourage managers to be mentors and leadership role models to their staff.
  • Provide and promote professional growth and development opportunities through improved employee mentoring and training.
  • Assess job performance based on meaningful standards and measures.
  • Enhance the department's work environment by fostering openness, trust, and support, allowing employees to embrace responsibility and apply resources to solve problems.
  • Promote balance between work and life.

Goal: Promote a safe and healthy work environment for employees to experience job satisfaction in their achievements and contributions to the agency's mission and vision.


  • Provide analysis, policy, and training for employees regarding health and safety.
  • Report accidents and incidents in an accurate and timely manner.
  • Increase employees' awareness and understanding of their individual safety responsibilities.
  • Reduce costs associated with accidents by maintaining an active safety program that promotes a safe and healthy work environment, and is committed to bringing injured employees back to work as quickly as possible.

Goal: Provide leadership and support to the enterprise for the continuity of government, emergency management, and homeland security programs.


  • Maintain the enterprise continuity and emergency management programs, providing expert advice to departments for development of their agency programs and plans to restore essential state services.
  • Develop and maintain an enterprise homeland security strategy under the direction of the state homeland security advisor and in coordination with the Department of Military Affairs.
  • Administer and provide ongoing support and training for the enterprise planning software and emergency notification system.
  • Lead and support enterprise continuity and emergency management exercises.

Goal: Provide effective representation for the state while promoting cooperative labor management relationships in Montana state government.


  • Negotiate the biennial pay package for state employees.
  • Negotiate collective bargaining agreements for each of the state's bargaining units.
  • Assist agencies administering collective bargaining agreements.
  • Represent state government in administrative hearings and labor arbitrations.

Specific goals and objectives of the DOA divisions: 

Specific goals and objectives of the agencies administratively attached to DOA: