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Governor Bullock Recognizes Outstanding State Employees

(Helena)  Governor Steve Bullock and Lt. Governor John Walsh announced the 2013 recipients of the Governor's Awards for Excellence in Performance today at a ceremony in Helena. One-hundred-fifty-one employees from 26 communities around Montana were publically recognized for their contribution to Montana state government. 


"Montanans have a deep commitment and appreciation for serving our communities and state. We understand that through our service, we make Montana a better place to live, work, play and raise a family," said Governor Bullock. "Today we take a minute to thank the men and women who come to work every day to serve the people of Montana." 


Those who were recognized today include Montanans that:

  • make meals for the students at the School for the Deaf and Blind in Great Falls
  • oversee troubled kids at the Pine Hills Correctional Facility in Miles City
  • installed a bridge over the Two Medicine River to improve transportation for the Blackfeet Nation and tourists coming to Glacier National Park
  • preserve habitat for the Artic Grayling in the Big Hole
  • work at the State Hospital in Warm Springs


Sheila Hogan, Director of the Department of Administration and organizer of this event, explained the background of the Governor's Awards program during her presentation. "This is the 24th year that Montana governors have taken the time to recognize the excellence they see in state workers," she said. "Since there are state employees in every county in Montana, these awards today highlight some of the outstanding work that is going on in our communities. I know that the Governor, Lt. Governor Walsh, and I are all proud of our opportunity to be counted as co-workers of these award recipients."


For a complete list of the award recipients, their hometowns, and the reasons for their awards, click here or call 444-3307.