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The Who, What, When, and How of the Montana Department of Administration

Who is the Department of Administration?

The Department of Administration (DOA) employs over 500 highly skilled employees with a wide variety of responsibilities.  We have eight divisions that report to the Director's Office, plus six state agencies that are attached to us for administrative purposes only (meaning they have their own agency head and do not report to the DOA Director).

The current Governor appoints the Department Director who serves at the pleasure of the Governor.

What does the Department of Administration do?

DOA provides a broad range of services and support to the state government enterprise. Here's a list of our divisions, followed by a list of the other agencies attached to us. Follow the links to each division or agency to find out more about their responsibilities.

Attached agencies:

When does the Department of Administration provide its services?

Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, DOA services are being used throughout Montana. 

Where does the Department of Administration provide its services?

Our main offices in Helena are open Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  We also have employees in Dillon, Billings, Missoula, Kalispell, Miles City, and Circle. The Director’s Office is located in Room 155 of the Mitchell Building at 125 N. Roberts in Helena.  You can reach us at or by calling (406) 444-2032.

How does the Department of Administration provide services to Montana?

Here is a sampling of services DOA provides to nearly every corner of Montana:

  • Over 230 different electronic government services are available to Montana citizens and businesses.
  • DOA issues over three million payments each year to businesses across Montana and throughout the nation.
  • Our employee benefit plan provides health insurance for 33,000 Montanans.  This plan covers employees, retirees, legislators, and their dependents.
  • The Department issues payroll checks for state employees and legislators located throughout Montana.  
  • At any given moment, nearly 300 repair and maintenance or construction projects are underway on state buildings throughout Montana.
  • The private sector holds leases for state offices in over 50 Montana communities.
  • DOA disburses funds for 9-1-1 services to 53 Montana jurisdictions.
  • DOA has over 200 video conference sites across Montana, providing video conference services to 71 courts, 30 university locations including tribal colleges, and other state sites.
  • Financial reporting assistance is available from DOA for over 900 local governments. In addition, DOA maintains a repository for the financial reports for these local governments. 
  • Two state-of-the-art secure data centers, located in Miles City and Helena, house state agency IT equipment and the state's core network equipment.  A statewide network with a high-speed core backbone connects over 650 locations and the state data centers.  The State of Montana contracts with private entities to provide network services.
  • DOA oversees the safety and soundness of over 60 banks and credit unions in Montana, with combined assets of over $25 billion dollars.  In addition we license and examine approximately 1,300 mortgage entities and 160 consumer lenders and retail sales finance companies.
  • DOA protects 4,500 state buildings, located in 214 Montana cities and towns, through our insurance program.

This list provides samples of what DOA's core divisions provide to Montanans.  To see what each of our attached agencies do, click on the links just above.